Lisa - Valparaiso

Hi Pat, Teo is a jewel as are Lola and Araceli. He was as personable and available as always. He’s always in good spirits and when we do not have a Spanish speaker; he is very helpful with ideas and suggestions for our next meal and does all the translating. We ALL really enjoyed ALL the staff – they make the villa so much fun and bend over backwards to make our stay very comfortable and enjoyable. I truly cannot ever say we wanted for A N Y T H I N G……… BTW – my husband noted the missing guest book this year - did you discontinue it? Thanks for the souvenir keys – I promise you I’ll be rubbing them in the first snow and wishing myself back to PV. Regarding your prior request about our feedback – Pick up and return service to airport was wonderful – it was great to have someone at the airport to greet us and take us to WalMart and onto the Villa and then return us safely to the airport – well done. The STAFF – no words could ever do justice to Lola, Teo and Araceli – they are the Villa. Lola outdid herself with the requests for special meals and preparation of the tuna the guys caught on our fishing excursion. (BTW – do you know the oven at the villa is inoperable?) Lola is the most resourceful and creative cook we could ever wish for and Teo introduced us to his famous piña colada – very grand! Araceli is always efficiently, quitely making sure everything is in order. We did get to meet Diego this year and he very kindly expressed his thanks for us renting the villa. I, especially, enjoyed playing with his dog, Brownie, when she was allowed some freedom. The TOURS – renting the Casandra was the best tour this year. We loved seeing the coast North of PV and out to the Islands; experiencing all the sealife we could in the bay; snorkeling and scooting into the cave; the guys catching the tuna; the captain expertly filleting the catches and the return trip to the harbor – F A N T A S T I C. Tony was great too, portions of his tour were a repeat for some of us and some of his tour was new and different. TANGO RENTALS – Well, my stars must have been in perfect allignment when I first discovered you on the internet three years ago. I have referred you to so many people and hope they, too, have contacted you. We’ve been delighted and very pleased with every villa and hope to continue our relationship for many, many years. You have been most helpful with suggestions and preparations – you are very organized and your follow-up is amazing. (hope this encourages Agustin to give you a grande raise J) Agustin’s welcome at the villa is always so much fun – one of these days we’ll get him into the pool . . . . Hope this gives you just a snapshot of how much we enjoy PV. You are the reason we’ve never been disappointed. You are so willing to help us with any questions we may have and we trust your judgment. May you always enjoy PARADISE. Happy Holidays to you and Agustin and your families. Til next year, Hugs, LISA

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