Roy & Vreni Jacarandas 3


FEB 9 2013



Hello Pat & Agustin,
A week has gone by already, we had a good trip home and now it's back to business as usual.
We are looking back to a very relaxing month in PV, we had a great time. Thank you for your part in making that possible.
It was our first time booking a condo and through an agency. Everything went smooth and was an excellent experience for us.
As far as the miner "hickups" with the Internet and the cleaning lady goes, Agustin more than made up for that with his support and help to find solutions for the problem. He was right there at anytime and we truly feel he went the extra mile!
We are sorry that the jacarandas 3 won't be available for the future, but we understand from your point of view.
The apartment was exactly what we were looking for. Perfect location, very bright and airy and an excellent price point.
In our opinion: the only thing that could have been improved in the apartment was the furniture. 
( chairs and sofa..... the bed was excellent). While the Mexican style furniture looked very nice, they were not very comfortable to relax in and to hang out.
Another thing; the kitchen was equipped very minimal. This didn't matter to us at all  since we didn't cook anyways, but people who would cook, probably would have a problem with that.
We will definetely contact you when we plan to return to PV and hopefully by that time there will be more places available like the jacarandas 3.
In the meantime we wish you a good end of the season and a great summer.
Roy & Vreni.
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