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How to Reserve a Tour

In order to guarantee your date is held for any tour, the tour company requires PAYMENT IN FULL. On receipt of your deposit we make the necessary reservations on your behalf and send you an official receipt which you should print out and bring with you to Puerto Vallarta. On the day of the tour you will present the official receipt to the tour company and pay the balance (the amount due will be shown on your receipt) directly to them.

We will email you full details of the tour, including timings, location and pick-up points if relevant. As a matter of course, we contact the tour company the day before your tour to reconfirm details and, if possible, we like to contact you in Puerto Vallarta the day before your tour to answer any questions and confirm details. In order that we can do this, we ask that you email us your contact details in Puerto Vallarta. If this is not possible, we ask that you contact us by telephone (224 7398) or by email one day before your tour.

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